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  • SD memory card register decoder

    SD memory card register decoder

    This is a utility for decoding SD card registers. On Linux if you have a MMC type card reader (not USB) then you can get the register values with a command similar to: Replace X with the number of your device (use lsblk). That will return the CID and CSD respectively. The CID contains identification…

  • applesmc-next: Battery charge thresholds for Linux on Apple hardware

    applesmc-next: Battery charge thresholds for Linux on Apple hardware

    Update 2023-03-05: Version 0.1.4 with minor changes for kernel version 6.2. The AUR package has been updated as well. This is a set of patches for the Linux kernel that enable changing the battery charge thresholds. This is useful for example to limit the charge to 80% to prolong the life of your battery if…

  • Quick script for testing new drives

    Quick script for testing new drives

    This script is for testing new drives. ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED

  • JSON encoder and decoder for Lua

    My implementation of JSON using the LPeg library.

  • Porter stemming algorithm in Lua

    This is an implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm in Lua.  It uses the LPeg library.

  • SHA1 implemented in Lua

    This is a SHA1 implementation for LuaJIT. Take a look at the source for example usage and documentation. The performance is decent considering this is written in a scripting language but I appreciate any ideas for improving the speed (loop unrolling?). In my benchmarks this version appears to be around 3.6 times slower than the…

  • New version 0.0.2

    New version 0.0.2

    I have released a new version. This is mostly just an update of the Cairo libraries to the latest snapshot from CVS. I made a minor change in Fl_SVG_Image so that the ARGB byte swapping is done on all platforms. This makes is easier for me to update the Cairo libraries (less changes to the…

  • Download Imago

    Download Imago

    The latest release is 0.0.2. This an alpha release and may be totally broken while I work on getting everything together and solidifying the API. I will do a 0.1.0 release once everything is straight and seems to work. Binaries of the library are available (shared and static library for use with FLTK). The Linux…

  • Imago Documentation

    Imago Documentation

    When compiling, the build system assumes fltk-1.1.6 is in the same directory as the Imago source. For example, you should have something like the following: /home/user/devel/fltk-1.1.6/home/user/devel/imago or C:\devel\fltk-1.1.6C:\devel\imago The API reference is available in Doxygen form. I have a number of outstanding issues with Cairo: Image renderer is a bit too slow. Image renderer outputs…

  • FLTK Imago

    FLTK Imago

    Welcome. Imago aims to be a set of advanced imaging extensions for FLTK. This first release adds basic SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image support. SVG is similar to Postscript or PDF except it is based on an XML file format with optional gzip compression. Take a look at the specifications if you are interested in…