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  • Forget WASD

    Forget WASD

    WASD is the QWERTY of movement control. What you want is ASZD. A: Forward — Z: Backwards — S: Left — D: Right Less hand movement and stretching = better performance.

  • How to fix an Epson R2880 Printer with Flashing Paper and Ink Lights

    How to fix an Epson R2880 Printer with Flashing Paper and Ink Lights

    I recently got a used Epson R2880 printer and immediately ran into trouble when I first tried to power it on. It would run through a bit of initialization then it would stop and flash both the paper and ink light simultaneously. It would not function at all and in the driver panel it just…

  • Filesystem encryption for Android

    I have compiled a static version of cryptsetup for Android that can be used to create encrypted partitions/filesystems. I actually compiled it on my phone as that was easier than cross-compiling due to cryptsetup’s numerous dependencies. It seems to work fine on my rooted HTC G2 running CyanogenMod 7.0.0. Even though it’s a static binary…

  • Visual Studio color scheme for Qt Creator

    Close QtCreator if you have it open then save this VisualStudio.xml file in your Qt Creator styles directory. The directory is located as follows: Linux: ~/.config/Nokia/qtcreator/styles/ Windows: %APPDATA%\Nokia\qtcreator\styles OS X: Unknown; I haven’t installed Qt Creator in OS X yet (will update) Then in Qt Creator look under Tools->Options->Text Editor->Font & Colors and select the…

  • Display IP address in bash shell prompt

    I have seen some other methods but this is my technique using the relatively lightweight sed: Or you can use whatever interface you want instead of eth0.  If left blank then it will display the first interface.

  • Manually add theme to Firefox without a file manager

    If you have a locally downloaded theme it can be installed by dragging it into the Add-ons Themes window. Seems simple enough but if you don’t have a graphical file manager on the machine then you may not have an obvious way to drag the file.  All hope is not lost though. Firefox’s own open-file…