Month: April 2013

  • HiSKY for 9x

    HiSKY for 9x

    Transmitter project for the HiSKY protocol used with things like the WLToys V922

  • V922


    See also my HiSKY/HT8 for 9x thread. Attached is my ER9x model for the V922.  I have the HT8 set for Futaba mode.  Note this model has no “beginner” mode or even idle-down (ie. full 3D always).  To fly start with the F.MODE switch all the way up (ID0), move pitch/throttle to mid-stick, then switch […]

  • Skyartec TX module for the 9x

    Skyartec TX module for the 9x

    This is a TX module for the 9x that works with Skyartec receivers (eg. Wasp 100 Nano CP, etc). It uses an off-the-shelf generic CC2500 module (eBay/China) and has an integrated LNA that provides 100mW output. The RF module is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini board which converts the PPM signal from the 9x […]