Skyartec TX module for the 9x

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This is a TX module for the 9x that works with Skyartec receivers (eg. Wasp 100 Nano CP, etc). It uses an off-the-shelf generic CC2500 module (eBay/China) and has an integrated LNA that provides 100mW output. The RF module is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini board which converts the PPM signal from the 9x to the Skyartec protocol.  The TX module runs at 3.3V and uses a single 2N7000 MOSFET for level conversion of the 5V 9x PPM signal.

I fly with a fairly low power setting.  If you look in “skyartec9x.ino” at the skyartec_init() function the power output can be increased.  The current code looks like:

CC2500_WriteReg(CC2500_3E_PATABLE, CC2500_97_PWR10DN);

  That can be changed to:

CC2500_WriteReg(CC2500_3E_PATABLE, CC2500_FF_PWR1UP);

for maximum power.

This is the CC2500 module I used:

Although almost any CC2500 module will work.

I use a separate power supply and 9x interface board that supplies the 3.3v and PPM signal.

Skyartec Wasp 100 Nano CP with Turnigy 9x

8 responses to “Skyartec TX module for the 9x”

  1. Oooolè, finally I’m here!
    Hi, Chris! First at all – thanks for an idea. Would like to tell my sad story…
    Being a fan of T9X, always wanted to get rid of the Wasp stock transmitter and transfer control to Turnigy . By happy coincidence I found this site and decided to repeat the pattern. Did not on the board , but ” in the air ” .

    Unfortunately, nothing works . When bindings helicopter board LED blinks 5 times and goes off, no connection to the transmitter is not installed.
    What I did:
    Bought Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8MHz and SS2500 . Flashed firmware through FTDI (mine has 3.3V and 5V selectable output ) . Did it twice to be sure. After flashing the power green LED lit on and poorly lit red LED. The firmware is not corrected to increase power. After flashing all components soldered to the Arduino . Deviations from the original projects – instead 2N7000 MOSFET I use BS170 and 4k7 resistor used SMD . I’m not an electronic engineer and programmer, I do not know where to look for the cause. The first thing that comes to mind – the wrong channels layout . My setup is MODE1, throttle on right hand.
    Can You help me, Chris?

  2. Can you take a picture showing the connections between the CC2500 and the Pro Mini?

    You might want to add a capacitor to the output of the 3.3V regulator (from the output to GND). According to the technical sheet the AMS1117 requires a capacitor on the output. You should be able to use almost any value capacitor. A tantalum capacitor around 22uF is best although a smaller or larger value should work just as well (eg. 6.8uF, 10uF, etc). Make sure to get the polarity correct if using a polarized capacitor.

    You can edit the skyartec9x.ino file at the top and enable debugging by uncommenting the “#define DEBUG” line. Then connect the Pro Mini to a serial port (115200 baud) and it should print out the PPM signal it is getting from the 9x so you can verify it is working.

    It has been a long time since I did the bind and I can’t remember exactly how to do it. I was just looking at the code and I believe it only stays in bind mode for 3 seconds after the module is first powered on. This might be too short. If you look at the skyartec9x.ino file around line 297 there should be the code “bind_count = 1000”. Maybe try increasing that to 5000 (15 seconds to bind) or even 10000 (30 seconds to bind).

  3. Hi, Chris,
    I congratulate both of us – it works! I’ve added on your prompt tantallum capacitor and corrected firmware, extending the binding time up to 15 seconds. Here a small photorevue that done and how. I was able to put together a skyartec module with a WL-T6 module, now I have my small anylink 😉

    Thanks a lot, man!!!

  4. That looks very nice! Glad it works for you. Thanks for testing, I updated the source zip with the change to 15 second bind time.

  5. Hello Chris,

    Would you be interested in constucting a SkyArtec module for my 9x … naturally you would be handsomely rewarded 😉

    Regards … Michael.

  6. If you want, I will sell you my module plus my Wasp 100 heli for $75 or the equivalent in bitcoin (no fees with btc).

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