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  • 3D printed tip for Apple iPad Pencil clones

    3D printed tip for Apple iPad Pencil clones

    Replacement tip for an Apple iPad Pencil 1 clone. This will not fit a real Apple Pencil as it uses a different design and it may only fit some clones, I have no idea. This one can be tricky to print because it’s so small. Use the thinnest layer height your printer can do and […]

  • 3D printed feet for HP 8116A

    3D printed feet for HP 8116A

    These are OEM-style rear feet for the HP 8116A function generator. I printed the hole caps in a flexible but the original HP caps are hard plastic. Your choice. I recommend adding a modifier block to change the perimeters or infill to 100% around where the screws clamp down to provide strength. I may create […]

  • 3D Printed Flux Syringe Parts

    3D Printed Flux Syringe Parts

    Sometimes I find myself with an Amtech or similar flux syringe barrel but no plunger or hub/needle so I made my own. These parts fit a 10cc barrel. The plunger and hub are printed in eSun PLA+ and the seal is eSun Elastic 83A flexible. For the flexible I used 10% infill, 1 perimeter, 2 […]

  • 3D Printed Ethernet Protective Sleeve/Boot and Strain Relief

    3D Printed Ethernet Protective Sleeve/Boot and Strain Relief

    When making your own Ethernet cables if it’s a cable that’s going to be moved around a lot and/or abused then it’s a good idea to protect the retainer tab and add some strain relief. This 3D printed part adds a boot or sleeve that protects the modular connector on the ends and adds cable […]

  • 3D-printed 4-in-3 HDD bay

    3D-printed 4-in-3 HDD bay

    Updated version 2: Fix the drive rail part STL. This is a 4-in-3 hard drive cage with cooling fan. It fits four 3.5″ drives in to three 5.25″ slots. It can be used inside a standard PC case or on its own with no case. I often need portable drive cages for moving drives around […]

  • 3D Printed Motorcycle Gas Cap

    3D Printed Motorcycle Gas Cap

    I lost my fuel cap during a night ride so I designed and 3D printed a new one. Designed in OpenSCAD with the threads.scad library by Dan Kirshner. Printed in PLA+. I wasn’t sure if the PLA would hold up against gasoline but so far, so good. My printed version is a little different design […]

  • 3D Printed Zipper

    3D Printed Zipper

    My motorcycle jacket is well past its end of life but I keep it on support. The original metal zipper slider (aka car) started bending internally until finally it wouldn’t work any more. I replaced it with a 3D printed version. Modeled in FreeCAD. Printed in PLA+. I planned to print in something else but […]

  • Small Plastic Shelf Bracket

    Small Plastic Shelf Bracket

    During moving some furniture we lost a bunch of these tiny brackets that insert into the sides of shelf cases. 3D print to the rescue. Modeled in FreeCAD. Printed in PLA+.

  • Outside Light Mounting Spike

    Outside Light Mounting Spike

    Another 3D print I designed in FreeCAD and printed for someone else. These things break all the time because they’re pushed in to the ground and are fairly expensive to replace so 3D printing is a good option. Printed in PETG.

  • Sink Drain Stopper

    Sink Drain Stopper

    3D printers are an endless source of usefulness. My ancient bathroom sink drain plug lifting mechanism broke such that it was always stopping the drain. I couldn’t leave the plug out because if you drop something in the sink, down the drain it goes. So I made a plastic version sized slightly different than the […]