3D printed tip for Apple iPad Pencil clones

Replacement tip for an Apple iPad Pencil 1 clone. This will not fit a real Apple Pencil as it uses a different design and it may only fit some clones, I have no idea.

This one can be tricky to print because it’s so small. Use the thinnest layer height your printer can do and print slowly. I used 0.07mm layers at 7mm/sec with a 0.4mm nozzle. A smaller nozzle might be easier but layer strength can be a problem with small nozzles.

I found that printing it upside-down with support works the best. Another option is right-side up with a one-wall cylinder surrounding the part (not touching). This prevents heat soak warping when it’s printing the very small end of the tip.

Printing more than one tip at a time doesn’t work very well because of the thin layers the head will usually knock the parts off when it’s moving between them.

Test the threads for strength (or just cut them off) before trying to screw it in to the pencil because if they break off it might be difficult to get the pieces out. YMMV, no guarantees here!

The dimensions are oversized because it’s meant to be sanded down quite a bit (see the closeup below of when I started sanding). Put the tip on a drill bit or burr and spin it against sandpaper. Sand the cone part smooth and lightly sand the cylinder part below the cone. “Write” on a piece of sandpaper with the pencil until the iPad can sense the tip then smooth the tip over into a round shape. Make sure to clean the tip before writing on the iPad because sandpaper particles can scratch the glass. This will usually result in a tip that works better than the OEM tips which tend to sense slightly too early. I think the OEM tips have a metal insert at the very end of the tip so this printed tip might end up a bit shorter.

It might be a good idea to test the plastic you’re using to make sure it doesn’t scratch the iPad glass. I don’t know if there is a plastic that could do that but you never know.

Depending on your printer and nozzle size the hole may need to be enlarged slightly. Use a 2.5mm burr or drill bit (can be done by hand).

Should I make a version without threads? They seem unnecessary and potentially risky if they break off due to poor layer bonding.

This design is on Printables as well.

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