3D Printed Flux Syringe Parts

Sometimes I find myself with an Amtech or similar flux syringe barrel but no plunger or hub/needle so I made my own. These parts fit a 10cc barrel.

The plunger and hub are printed in eSun PLA+ and the seal is eSun Elastic 83A flexible. For the flexible I used 10% infill, 1 perimeter, 2 layers for top and bottom. This allows it to be compliant and squishy.

For the metal needle I used a hollow power post off an old CRT motherboard.

Included is a version of the plunger with the seal attached so the whole thing can be printed as one without the flexible seal. There is also a version of the hub with a printed plastic needle if you’re in a pinch and can’t find a metal tube.

The Printables project page is available as well.

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