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  • 3D Printed Flux Syringe Parts

    3D Printed Flux Syringe Parts

    Sometimes I find myself with an Amtech or similar flux syringe barrel but no plunger or hub/needle so I made my own. These parts fit a 10cc barrel. The plunger and hub are printed in eSun PLA+ and the seal is eSun Elastic 83A flexible. For the flexible I used 10% infill, 1 perimeter, 2 […]

  • 3D Printed Ethernet Protective Sleeve/Boot and Strain Relief

    3D Printed Ethernet Protective Sleeve/Boot and Strain Relief

    When making your own Ethernet cables if it’s a cable that’s going to be moved around a lot and/or abused then it’s a good idea to protect the retainer tab and add some strain relief. This 3D printed part adds a boot or sleeve that protects the modular connector on the ends and adds cable […]

  • 3D-printed 4-in-3 HDD bay

    3D-printed 4-in-3 HDD bay

    Updated version 2: Fix the drive rail part STL. This is a 4-in-3 hard drive cage with cooling fan. It fits four 3.5″ drives in to three 5.25″ slots. It can be used inside a standard PC case or on its own with no case. I often need portable drive cages for moving drives around […]

  • Feit SEC3000/CAM “bricked”

    Feit SEC3000/CAM “bricked”

    Recently had to repair a bricked Fiet security camera. If too long of a WPA password is used it will cause a buffer overflow and the camera will crash which results in an endless boot-loop. There doesn’t appear to be a way to recover from this condition without getting serial access or access to the […]

  • Adding a serial header to the Wyzecam V2

    Adding a serial header to the Wyzecam V2

    I have been meaning to try the open-source Intergenic bootloader for years and only just got around to it. This bootloader allows 1080p mode when using Dafang-Hacks. When messing with the bootloader it’s a good idea to have the serial connection ready for debugging or recovery so I added a header that is easy to […]

  • Acer XC-1660G-UW93 mini desktop

    Acer XC-1660G-UW93 mini desktop

    I made a 3D printed block-off plate so I can remove the DVD drive.

  • QEMU/KVM GPU Passthrough

    QEMU/KVM GPU Passthrough

    Was getting BSOD trying to pass through a 280X to Windows guest. Using an added PCIe root seems to fix it. Using the i440fx machine in QEMU also seems to fix the BSOD. I need to benchmark that against the PCIe with Q35. Standard options for the various modes using Q35 QEMU machine: BIOS Default: […]

  • LeCroy Oscilloscope Memory Cards

    LeCroy Oscilloscope Memory Cards

    This article is related to so-called “memory cards” (MC01) or SRAM cards. Mass storage cards (HD01) generally Just Work if your scope supports them. I want to attempt to solidify information surrounding the use of memory cards (MC01 SRAM) in older LeCroy oscilloscopes such as the LC series, DDA series, 93xx series, and 94xx series. […]

  • 3D Printed Motorcycle Gas Cap

    3D Printed Motorcycle Gas Cap

    I lost my fuel cap during a night ride so I designed and 3D printed a new one. Designed in OpenSCAD with the threads.scad library by Dan Kirshner. Printed in PLA+. I wasn’t sure if the PLA would hold up against gasoline but so far, so good. My printed version is a little different design […]

  • 3D Printed Zipper

    3D Printed Zipper

    My motorcycle jacket is well past its end of life but I keep it on support. The original metal zipper slider (aka car) started bending internally until finally it wouldn’t work any more. I replaced it with a 3D printed version. Modeled in FreeCAD. Printed in PLA+. I planned to print in something else but […]