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  • Honda motorcycle OBD/k-line interface gear indicator

    Honda motorcycle OBD/k-line interface gear indicator

    I’m building a gear indicator and information display for my CBR500R. It uses an Arduino Pro Mini, Nokia 5110 display, and hooks in to the Honda diagnostic connector under the seat. Protocol is a custom OBD k-line format. Here is some useful information on the protocol used. The first version I created used 2N7000 MOSFET’s…

  • FemtoWii


    This is a small 25mm by 30mm MultiWii board I started designing a while ago. I haven’t had much time to refine or test it. I did create a prototype board but that’s about it. The intent was to create a board small enough to be used on micro quads, helicopters, and planes. I’m providing…

  • FrSky Taranis

    FrSky Taranis

    The radio doesn’t sit flat on the bottom when you set it down on a level surface. External TX module pins must be bent to fit modules.

  • Blade 130X

    Blade 130X

    Project 130X. Had a Rakon DFC CNC head that was not square from the factory so I pounded on it with a hammer to make it straight.  It appears to be possible to use an S107 tail motor to repair/replace the 130x servo motor.  The S107 motor is 4mm and the servo motor is normally…

  • mCPX


    Bought a cheap mCPX off eBay that had a broken 3-in-1.  Fixed the 3-in-1 and converted to brushless using C05XL and super-FET XP-3A (double FET’s). Main motor PWM signal (from resistor on back of board) is 1kHz.  On the 9x using OrangeRX TX module throttle ranges from -72% (completely off) to +72% (solid full throttle…

  • HiSKY for 9x

    HiSKY for 9x

    Transmitter project for the HiSKY protocol used with things like the WLToys V922

  • V922


    See also my HiSKY/HT8 for 9x thread. Attached is my ER9x model for the V922.  I have the HT8 set for Futaba mode.  Note this model has no “beginner” mode or even idle-down (ie. full 3D always).  To fly start with the F.MODE switch all the way up (ID0), move pitch/throttle to mid-stick, then switch…

  • Skyartec TX module for the 9x

    Skyartec TX module for the 9x

    This is a TX module for the 9x that works with Skyartec receivers (eg. Wasp 100 Nano CP, etc). It uses an off-the-shelf generic CC2500 module (eBay/China) and has an integrated LNA that provides 100mW output. The RF module is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini board which converts the PPM signal from the 9x…

  • MultiWiiCL


    https://github.com/c—/MultiWiiCL This is a command line text based tool for configuring MultiWii. It also provides a full scripting environment for whatever fancy future use. I needed this because MultiWiiConf wouldn’t run at all on my old laptop and on my newer laptop it was really slow and too fat. I also wanted a way to…

  • DEVO TX module for the 9x

    DEVO TX module for the 9x

    I have been flying a Genius CP (DEVO) with a 9x for a few days now and while I probably don’t have all the issues worked out I figured it’s time to post some information. This will be a continuous work in progress. BEWARE, the MTC-01 is known to be flaky at times and especially…