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  • Outside Light Mounting Spike

    Outside Light Mounting Spike

    Another 3D print I designed in FreeCAD and printed for someone else. These things break all the time because they’re pushed in to the ground and are fairly expensive to replace so 3D printing is a good option. Printed in PETG.

  • Sink Drain Stopper

    Sink Drain Stopper

    3D printers are an endless source of usefulness. My ancient bathroom sink drain plug lifting mechanism broke such that it was always stopping the drain. I couldn’t leave the plug out because if you drop something in the sink, down the drain it goes. So I made a plastic version sized slightly different than the […]

  • Honda motorcycle OBD/k-line interface gear indicator

    Honda motorcycle OBD/k-line interface gear indicator

    I’m building a gear indicator and information display for my CBR500R. It uses an Arduino Pro Mini, Nokia 5110 display, and hooks in to the Honda diagnostic connector under the seat. Protocol is a custom OBD k-line format. Here is some useful information on the protocol used. The first version I created used 2N7000 MOSFET’s […]

  • Motorcycle Stand

    Motorcycle Stand

    I used FreeCAD to model this simple motorcycle stand before building it. It’s made out of 2×4’s with glue and screws. I think it could easily hold a whole car up.

  • FemtoWii


    This is a small 25mm by 30mm MultiWii board I started designing a while ago. I haven’t had much time to refine or test it. I did create a prototype board but that’s about it. The intent was to create a board small enough to be used on micro quads, helicopters, and planes. I’m providing […]

  • FrSky Taranis

    FrSky Taranis

    The radio doesn’t sit flat on the bottom when you set it down on a level surface. External TX module pins must be bent to fit modules.

  • Blade 130X

    Blade 130X

    Project 130X. Had a Rakon DFC CNC head that was not square from the factory so I pounded on it with a hammer to make it straight.  It appears to be possible to use an S107 tail motor to repair/replace the 130x servo motor.  The S107 motor is 4mm and the servo motor is normally […]

  • mCPX


    Bought a cheap mCPX off eBay that had a broken 3-in-1.  Fixed the 3-in-1 and converted to brushless using C05XL and super-FET XP-3A (double FET’s). Main motor PWM signal (from resistor on back of board) is 1kHz.  On the 9x using OrangeRX TX module throttle ranges from -72% (completely off) to +72% (solid full throttle […]

  • HiSKY for 9x

    HiSKY for 9x

    Transmitter project for the HiSKY protocol used with things like the WLToys V922

  • V922


    See also my HiSKY/HT8 for 9x thread. Attached is my ER9x model for the V922.  I have the HT8 set for Futaba mode.  Note this model has no “beginner” mode or even idle-down (ie. full 3D always).  To fly start with the F.MODE switch all the way up (ID0), move pitch/throttle to mid-stick, then switch […]