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  • Skyartec TX module for the 9x

    Skyartec TX module for the 9x

    This is a TX module for the 9x that works with Skyartec receivers (eg. Wasp 100 Nano CP, etc). It uses an off-the-shelf generic CC2500 module (eBay/China) and has an integrated LNA that provides 100mW output. The RF module is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini board which converts the PPM signal from the 9x […]

  • MultiWiiCL

    MultiWiiCL—/MultiWiiCL This is a command line text based tool for configuring MultiWii. It also provides a full scripting environment for whatever fancy future use. I needed this because MultiWiiConf wouldn’t run at all on my old laptop and on my newer laptop it was really slow and too fat. I also wanted a way to […]

  • DEVO TX module for the 9x

    DEVO TX module for the 9x

    I have been flying a Genius CP (DEVO) with a 9x for a few days now and while I probably don’t have all the issues worked out I figured it’s time to post some information. This will be a continuous work in progress. BEWARE, the MTC-01 is known to be flaky at times and especially […]

  • Warthox inspired 400mm quad project

    Warthox inspired 400mm quad project

    First I used LibreCAD to create a frame design. Inspired by Warthox but smaller. Then I printed it on copper clad board using an inkjet so I would have an accurate pattern to follow. I drilled all the rounded corners then cut the rest with a cut off wheel. I can’t easily express how much […]

  • Arduino USB Linker—/ArduinoUSBLinker

  • Easily build simonk firmware on Windows

    This project is to make changing the simonk ESC firmware settings a little easier if you’re using Windows.  This assumes you have downloaded the simonk firmware and have a directory with all the files in it. First download this zip and extract the two files inside in to your simonk directory. Now edit the “tgy.asm” […]

  • MultiWii 3D—/MultiWii3D MultiWii simonk reverse motor test (for inverted flight) This is my technique for making 3D props: First I get two pieces of wood and a C-clamp.  Then I heat up one side of the prop with a heat gun set on low.  It actually doesn’t take that much heat.  I keep the gun about […]

  • Cryptographically secure QSL system

    Cryptographically secure QSL system

  • Centipede MAME cabinet

    Centipede MAME cabinet

    This is my first cabinet. I built it from scratch over the last week or so. It’s probably obvious that I’m still a ways from done. Sorry I don’t have any pictures from the early construction phases. I was in a hurry because I only have a few days between contracts (I’m a freelance programmer […]