MultiWiiCL command line Linux—/MultiWiiCL

This is a command line text based tool for configuring MultiWii. It also provides a full scripting environment for whatever fancy future use. I needed this because MultiWiiConf wouldn’t run at all on my old laptop and on my newer laptop it was really slow and too fat. :P I also wanted a way to save and restore my PID settings that MultiWii keeps erasing when I load different versions and I wanted to be able to very accurately set my PID settings where the GUI has problems getting it right every time.I just started working on this and it’s currently in a very alpha state but it works. Source code is available on the project page and binaries are available that run on Linux, OS X, and Windows. Most have no dependencies on external libraries or anything, simply run it. :)

As a quick test/intro you can run:


Substitute COM7 for your serial port or use something like /dev/ttyUSB0 on Linux.

I’m working on the documentation. help() will show a list of commands and help(“commandname”) will display help for that command. The commands consist of basically all the MSP_* commands in MultiWii and other functionality. It has some initial support for my Arduino USB Linker project.

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