Easily build simonk firmware on Windows

This project is to make changing the simonk ESC firmware settings a little easier if you’re using Windows.  This assumes you have downloaded the simonk firmware and have a directory with all the files in it.

First download this zip and extract the two files inside in to your simonk directory.

Now edit the “tgy.asm” file with a text editor to change the settings you want.  You may need to use Wordpad or other editor because Notepad may not work correctly.  If you scroll down a bit in this “tgy.asm” file you will see settings like:

.equ  MOTOR_BRAKE = 0   ; Enable brake during neutral/idle ("motor drag" brake)
.equ  LOW_BRAKE   = 0   ; Enable brake on very short RC pulse ("thumb" brake like on Airtronics XL2P)
.equ  MOTOR_REVERSE  = 0   ; Reverse normal commutation direction
.equ  RC_PULS_REVERSE   = 0   ; Enable RC-car style forward/reverse throttle
.equ  RC_CALIBRATION = 1   ; Support run-time calibration of min/max pulse lengths

For example if you wanted to reverse the motor direction then change MOTOR_REVERSE to be equal 1.

Once you have made these changes and saved the tgy.asm file then just run the “make.bat” command you extracted earlier and it will build new hex files with your new settings.

As always, make sure to use the correct hex file for your ESC and take appropriate precautions when testing the first time. Make sure to read the simonk documentation about testing on this page: https://github.com/sim-/tgy

I updated the “make.bat” batch script so that it will now stop on errors.

“make.bat” renamed to “MakeHexFiles.bat” to avoid confusion.

“MakeHexFiles.bat” with no parameters will build all firmware in the Makefile. Optionally, the names of the firmware to build can be specified. For example, to build only the afro and bs_nfet firmware:

MakeHexFiles afro bs_nfet

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